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Turtle Wax "Break out" film


Paul Mitchell


O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul




The film tells the story of a determined daredevil who doesn't hesitate to drive a mint-condition classic through a wall to complete her heist. Turtle Wax's message - "Protect the body, free the soul" - tells drivers not to hold back, skids and all.
The teams at the agency, The Mill and Mill+ added a filmic quality to the spots to achieve a higher degree of storytelling, Mitchell told us. "This really sets the tone for who Turtle Wax is. They want people to get out and really drive their cars - that's the spirit of the film.  You don't even see the product in this one; it's all about the attitude."
"We got a big hanger in Burbank for the twenty classic cars, and in Lancaster, we had a precision driver in the '69 Camaro through the desert," Mitchell explains. "We ended up building the shattering glass in CG. The challenge was we couldn't shoot it practically because of the two separate locations in the same shot."


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