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LEXUS Forged with Passion


Paul Mitchell


Team One



Mill+ Directors Paul Mitchell and Andrew Proctor collaborated with Team One to create a dynamic film for the anticipated reveal of the 2018 Lexus LS 500.
Integrating fire and water elements to emphasize the craftsmanship of the car in three acts, ‘Forged from Passion’ poetically mirrors the suspense of the unveiling after 11 years in the making.
Paul comments, “Once we got the story down, and with the ambition to capture as much as possible in camera, we decided how to best use CG and effects to bridge those story points – the stuff that we wouldn’t be able to shoot for real, such as lava flow and rainfall. Then it was all about getting our heads together to see how we could go about achieving as many of the other effects as possible on set. That’s where the collaboration really came through.”
The end result is a passionate, live-action film comprised primarily of in-camera effects, 2D enhancements and a grand total of six CG shots.
Paul adds, “Andrew and I didn’t want this to be straight, linear story of building a car. It had to speak to the love, care and commitment that went into making this car. It’s been in the works for quite a long time!”

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