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Call of Duty "Jungle Ghost"



Paul Mitchell


Infinity Ward / Activision




The highly-stylized look was created from scratch, but reads as a hybrid of live-action and CG. High contrast, sharp shard-like shapes distinguish enemy Federation forces from the light and smoke elements that characterize the underdog Ghosts. Each cinematic delivers a story, with 'Loki,'for example, depicting a clinical and clean outer space vista using reflections, lights, flare and spills of light, while 'Legends Never Die' uses explosions, fire, smoke and fog, looking down at South America, then at city level in Caracas after the demise of the continent.
Mill+ Creative Director Paul Mitchell, based in Los Angeles, drew upon over a decade's worth of experience in design and visual effects. "The most intriguing aspect of Ghosts was the opportunity to combine storytelling with design and visual effects," Mitchell says. "We created something unique to each based on the story Infinity Ward wanted to tell. Through the overall process, we made sure there was a cohesive look and feel."

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